Meenakshi Enterprises Limited

About us

Meenakshi Enterprises Limited, Chennai is a RBI registered non-deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) with its registered office at Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu. The company (MEL) is built on ethical financial principles, beliefs, and rules. These guidelines determine the conduct of the MEL platform and its products. Meenakshi Enterprises Limited has two business verticals.

  • NBFC Activities (Non- Depositing taking Company)
  • Investment in Shares & Securities

NBFC Business

Meenakshi Enterprises Limited offers financial services to corporate clients and high net worth individuals. We contribute to the easy-money lending environment and a front runner in the NBFC sector that is fast-expanding with plethora institutions. The company supports clients across India through innovative approaches and customized solutions that promotes financial system efficiency. The loans are disbursed against securities and guarantees confirmed with an agreement. The security and agreements can be varied from shares, bank guarantees and such. The company is having NO bad debt which Exhibit the successful financing business model followed. Loans from Meenakshi Enterprises Limited believes in the opportunities and strength of SME sector and offer loans to cater to the various needs of different types of business owners in this sector.

We bring our clients unrivalled transaction and integration expertise, deep industry knowledge to provide management consultation services to organizations during Merger, Amalgamation, Acquisition, Valuation etc. and ensure flawless execution.

Investment in Shares and Securities

Meenakshi Enterprises Limited invest in shares and securities by adopting a holistic approach, rather than specialists operating in silos, to create greater efficiency. The research team of the company take considerations stemming from environmental, social, and governance concerns while identifying the potential investing options from BSE / NSE. This principal focus and Strategic approach always support Meenakshi Enterprises Limited to access great dividends and returns from the market.